Friday, May 01, 2009

Dell Service Support

 9:32:31 PM   



You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat

 9:32:31 PM   



Connected with LIBs_Nadonga_52491

 9:33:04 PM   



Thank you for contacting Dell. My name is Rommel. How may I help you today?

 9:33:45 PM   



Hi, my hard drive died and I want one that has been formatted with the right programs as soon as possible.

 9:34:11 PM   



I'll be glad to assist you with that issue. Please give me 2-3 minutes to pull up and check your account. Also, can I have the phone# that I should be calling in case we get disconnected?

 9:34:25 PM   




 9:34:56 PM   



Just to make sure that we are working with the correct system, I see here that the computer you are having problems with is Inspiron 1420. Is that correct? If this is not the correct system that we should be working on, can I have the correct Service Tag or Express Service Code of the system that you need assistance with?

 9:35:16 PM   



It is a different system XXXXX.

 9:36:46 PM   



The problem is with the Inspiron E1505?

 9:36:52 PM   




 9:37:31 PM   



To give you an update, your Hardware Warranty and Technical Support contract expired last 2008-03-21. As much as we would like to help you regarding your issue, we can no longer pull up your records in here. I would have to refer you to the Dept. which can help you best.

Please contact this number: 1-800-4563355 ext 7238587.

You will be required to purchase a one-time phone incident support fee of $49 for any troubleshooting assistance that you may need. For further clarifications, please feel free to course it to them.

 9:39:58 PM   



Please feel free to tell your supervisors that we have many dells, here and at work, but this will probably be the last ones we buy. I find it incredible that I can't get anything resembling support from a company that I have purchased so many computers from. I recognize I have to buy the part, I should not have to buy the time to order it. I am very unhappy with this system.

 9:40:37 PM   



I hope that you do understand that each computer has its own contract.

 9:41:32 PM   



No kidding. I hope your company understands that each computer has a customer who probably buys many computers. I know this is not your fault, but it is unacceptable from my perspective.

 9:44:22 PM   



We are aware of it sir. No company cannot give lifetime warranty to any device, right?

 9:45:01 PM   



I am not asking for a warranty, I am asking for customer service so I can buy the part I need.

 9:45:57 PM   



You need to contact 800-915-3355 (Spare Parts Department) to buy a new hard drive.

 9:46:27 PM   



Is there anything else that I could help you with? Are there any other issues that you have encountered with your system that you would like to address?

 9:46:57 PM   



No, thank you for your time.



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