Friday, November 10, 2006

Significant Impact to the Environment Due to Democratic Victory

AP:  Washington


Despite being the party that generally supports environmental protection, leading scientists have noted a significant risk of increased green house gasses due to the ascension to power of the democratic party.


According to scientists, the risks inherent in the shift in power is equal in CO2 output and increased global temperature that would be associated with a major volcanic eruption.


The typical party change causes localized CO2 output in the DC area to nearly double for a short time based on biologically produced exhalation, but due to the inordinate amount of files that now need to be incinerated in the Bush administration, risks of irreversible harm to the environment are unavoidable.  Police and ambulance crews have been handing out paper masks to the elderly and infirm, and mobile treatment teams are opening oxygen tents on federal property throughout the region.


White House Spokesman Tony Snow was being treated for smoke inhalation, and was unavailable for comment.



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