Monday, November 20, 2006

Draft Studies Indicate Various Lengths of Service Possible

AP: Washington

Representative Charlie Rangel (D, New York) has vowed to reintroduce the draft in order to ensure the necessary force and manpower to continue the current war, and he says to make future wars less likely. According to Rangel, Congress and the President would be less likely to commit troops if there was a greater likelihood that people they know would be involved in fighting.

Given the increasingly complicated fields among combat technicians in the Army, the draft would have to be for much longer than the two year period that is commonly accepted for the force to be able to utilize today's weapon systems effectively. A draft with a five year term of service would begin to provide enough soldiers with the level of experience to be effective, according to one study. Another study indicates that the US could institute a draft service that would utilize Vietnam era weapon systems and combative techniques that could rely on two year draftees, along with commensurate increases in casualties. Under that scenario, draftees would be shuttled solely to the Marine Corps, which in response to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's focus on modernization is currently studying the Vietnam model of warfare in order to transition from its current Korean War weapons and combat model. The United States Army has agreed in principle to donate to the Marines excess rifles and other weapons that it has been storing for the last 30 years, after the Foreign Military sales program was unable to unload them on Djibouti. The Army is also currently considering recalling retired Vietnam vets to active service to teach the Marines and potential draftees how to use those systems.

Military experts disagree over the potential impact of a draft, however. Rangel's intent of getting a cross section of America in the armed services would likely face similar systemic flaws of previous attempts at a fair draft. According to some, the institution of the draft would simply increase the number of bluebloods voluntarily joining the Coast Guard and Navy, while keeping the hard working and competent "blue collar" face of the Army, and "short bus" face of the Marines.

White House Spokesman Tony Snow was unavailable for comment, as he is still recovering from smoke inhalation due to the massive incineration of documents following the election November 7th.


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